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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

SCGC x Ace Gibson J.

"The number of connected devices that will be in use is estimated to reach 75 billion by 2025. From tiny sensors on roads and bridges to wearable electronics, mobile phones, and more, every day the world is becoming more and more interconnected..

Every person with a connection is continuously generating astronomic quantities of data while interacting with websites, apps or connected objects. This data is often private, but also very valuable for freemium services to harvest and sell to others, E.G., target advertisements on social media. We envision a new model where you pay micro-transactions without fees and retain the ownership of your data, which you can sell to whomever you see fit. Similarly, the Internet-of-Things will generate zettabytes of data, and through IOTA there exist an incentive to trade this data with guaranteed data integrity. Through this data trade, there will be an incredible amount of new insights gained. - IOTA Foundation

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