Essence of Hierarchy

Essence of Hierarchy - @laraha88 and @sethcgc

Essence of Hierarchy - @laraha88 and @sethcgc

SC Graphics is still moving forward with our goals and vision, but sometimes you have to take a hard left, or even backwards to ever reach goals or a creative vision. It's true for concepts and art as much as it is for building a business.

Building a new website, multiple points of sale, partnerships and sponsorships, we will have so much to offer our artists and creators, but its still hard to say goodbye your old home, street, neighborhood and city.

This homepage has done so much for me, it was so hard to see that the more I put effort into it. I ended up limiting myself and building into a corner instead of growing into a diverse and adaptive system for my needs.

#2020 is far from over, and so much is happening in the public eye everyday. While long term goals are the hardest to work towards, its only your daily and continuous efforts that amount to real changes, ones that their effectiveness could be measured in multitudes.

Plan and map your progress, learn to delegate properly, think conceptually and grow everyday.